• Rooms
  • Rooms

    We offer you up to 180 beds. Our guests can choose from rooms located in the Gardener's House, the Manor House Outbuilding, the Coach House, the hotel building and flats in the Palace. There are 75 guest rooms: single, double and triple rooms as well as 5 studio units with kitchenette - ideal for families with children. The Palace awaits 5 suites arranged in different styles: English, Welsh, Flemish, Bavarian and Provencal - particularly popular with honeymooners.

  • Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms

    There are 57 guest rooms available in the hotel building and the adjacent coach house: 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms. In the building, the rooms are located on the ground floor, first floor and second floor with slants. Among them, 5 double rooms have a double bed.
    Guest rooms in the hotel building are of conference standard. All rooms are an-suite.
    The size of the rooms on the ground and first floors is 32 m2.
    The four-bed rooms on the second floor with slants are 40 m2.
    A buffet is available in the hotel building for guests to use kettles and prepare hot drinks.

    - Price of a single room from 210 PLN
    - Price of a double room from 260 PLN
    - Price of a 3-bed room from 360 PLN
    - Price of a 4-bed room from 440 PLN