Meeting rooms

  • Meeting rooms
  • Meeting rooms

    The conference centre in Będlewo is a well-known and respected meeting place, visited every year by eminent mathematicians, scientists, artists, politicians and businessmen.
    It is an ideal venue for conferences, training courses and team-building events.

    car 150 parking spaces
    people 380 Conference Seats
    plane 35 KM from the airport
    road ACCESS VIA A2 AND S11
    city 30 KM FROM POZNAN
    tree GREEN AREA 9800 M2

    The centre has a high-speed fibre-optic connection, while the buildings are covered with wi-fi.

    We offer 4 professionally equipped conference rooms for a total of 390 people. In addition, there are 10 rooms of various sizes in the Palace, which can also be used for training and business meetings.

  • Auditorium</br>(150 persons)
  • Auditorium
    (150 persons)

    The largest of the meeting rooms is in the Aula building. The room has modern, professional equipment, both the meeting room and the coffee break area are air-conditioned. Equipment includes: full sound system, online meeting camera, wireless microphones, laptop, HD projector, screen, 4 movable whiteboards with electronic curtain and 3-zone lighting. There is a director's area and space for an interpreter. The seats in the cinema layout are numbered, while the stairs are led-lit.

  • Green Room</br>(150 persons)
  • Green Room
    (150 persons)

    This is the second largest meeting room, located in the Carriage House hotel building. The room is air-conditioned, with a full sound system and a camera for online meetings. It is equipped with a laptop, projector, two screens and wireless microphones. Conference participants can also use the green patio next door.

  • Grey Room</br>(60 persons)
  • Grey Room
    (60 persons)

    The Grey Room is fully air-conditioned, with automatic blackout blinds. The room has a full sound system. Wireless microphones, screens, an overhead projector and chalkboards are available to participants. From the Grey Room it is possible to step out onto the patio during breaks.

  • Library</br>(30 people)
  • Library
    (30 people)

    This room, also known as the reading room, is often used by conference organisers as an additional office. It contains screens, a laptop, an overhead projector and chalkboards.

    At the organisers' request, the rooms can be additionally equipped with televisions, additional flipcharts or computers. In addition, three computer rooms with internet access are available.

    There is a bar located in the Palace and you can also use the sauna, play billiards or table tennis.

    You are welcome to hold your scientific and business conferences at our centre.