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  • Tourist attractions
  • Tourist attractions

    The attractiveness of the Palace in Będlewo is linked to its convenient location. Our centre is located only 30 km from the centre of Poznań and the Poznań Ławica International Airport (POZ) and 20 km from the A2 motorway.
    The Wielkopolska National Park Museum of post-glacial forms and a living museum of nature, the neighbouring Dymaczewskie Lake - a beach destination valued by the region's inhabitants, or the Warta River oxbow lakes, where lovers of two wheels will find attractively located cycling routes.

  • When planning a stay at the Palace in Będlewo, it is worth visiting the nearby Kórnik Castle, a historic Neo-Gothic building belonging to the Polish Academy of Sciences. The castle houses the Kórnik Library, which collects valuable manuscripts and old prints. Also noteworthy are the Institute of Dendrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the famous Kórnik Arboretum right at the entrance to the castle.
    When planning excursions, it is worth visiting the nearby Rogalin Palace, now housing a branch of the National Museum in Poznań. One of the designers of this 18th-century classicist palace was the court architect of King Stanislaw August - Dominik Merlini, the author of, among others, the Palace on the Water in Warsaw and the Palace in Jabłonna.

  • We invite you to explore the Palace in Będlewo and discover the beauty of the entire Wielkopolska region [Greater Poland]!

    Map of the area

    Greater Poland National Park

    Kórnik Castle

    Institute of Dendrology PAN, Kórnik Arboretum

    Rogalin Palace

    Cycling routes in the Warta river bed

    Lake Dymaczewskie