Pałac Będlewo – Ośrodek Badawczo-Konferencyjny IM PAN w Stęszewie
Welcome to the Palace in Będlewo

Research and Conference IMPAN
Pałac Będlewo Pałac Będlewo Pałac Będlewo
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About the Palace

Będlewo Palace is the Research and Conference Centre. It is a part of Mathematical Institute which belongs to the Polish Academy of Sciences. We aim at organizing conferences and workshops devoted to the development of different mathematical domains. Moreover, it is important for us to create atmosphere which supports future research studies. Our palace is mainly used as a training centre organized by the Stefan Banach Centre but it is also available to scientist groups from different areas.
It is an ideal place to organize trainings, weeding receptions, socializing events and exterior meeting.
Acquaint yourself with our offer.

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Apartment in the Palace

Apartment in the Palace
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We offer wide range of services. We are experienced at organizing dissimilar events, meetings. We possess 80 rooms with 150 accommodation places.
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