Pałac Będlewo – Ośrodek Badawczo-Konferencyjny IM PAN w Stęszewie
Welcome to the Palace in Będlewo

Research and Conference IMPAN



Single room with breakfast 160zl
Double room with breakfast 190zl
Room for three people with breakfast 240zl
Apartment( 2rooms, kitchen, hall, bathroom) with breakfast 290zl

Palace rooms – 5, 6, 7 -350 zl

Palace apartment – 8, 10  -450 zl

Conference hall with the equipment 123zl per hour (738zl maximally for a day)
Computer room 62zl per hour (372 zl maximally for a day)
Gym 10zl per hour
Sauna 30zl per hour
Standard coffee set from 10zl per one person
Breakfast 20zl per person
Dinner 37zl per person
Supper 32zl per person
Banquet from 100zl per person
Weeding reception from 200zl per person
Communion feast from 160zl per person

All of the above prices are gross prices