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Pałac Będlewo – Ośrodek Badawczo-Konferencyjny IM PAN w Stęszewie
Welcome to the Palace in Będlewo

Research and Conference IMPAN


We are open from 1 p.m to 8:00p.m


Sour rye soup with a white sausage9 zł

Corn cream soup 9 zł

Chicken soup with noodles 9 zł

Soup of the day 8 zł


Main courses

 Chicken breast with leek, dried tomatoes and blue cheese

Potatoes/ chips/ slices Mix of fresh salads 29 zł


DeVolialle chicken coutlet

Potatoes/ chips/ slicesMix of fresh salads 26 zł


Chicken fillet with Pesto

Potatoes/ chips/ slices Mix of fresh salads 26 zł


Noble pork chop filled with yellow cheese, mushrooms and bacon

Potatoes/ chips/ slices Mix of fresh salads 32 zł


Pork tenderloin with pasta Mix of fresh salads 38 zł

Pork cheeks served with wine sauce

Potatoes Mix of fresh salads 34 zł


Beef lobule stuffed with beetroots

Potatoes/ dumplings  Mix of fresh salads 39 zł


Salmon with herbs in bèarnaise sauce

Potatoes/ chips/ slices Mix of fresh salads 49 zł


Breaded broccoli florets with honey-mustard sauce

Chips/ slices Mix of fresh of salads 19 zł



Greek salad  14 zł

Salad with grilled chicken 14 zł

Salad with grilled vegetables  14 zł



Chocolate ice-cream with delicacies 15 zł

„Chef’s Fantasy” ice-cream 17 zł

Srobet with fresh fruits 16 zł

Chocolate brownie cake 14 zł

Peaches served in caramel 10 zł


Supper menu

Sausages with onions (150g), bread, butter 9 zł

Scrambled eggs (3), bread, butter  9 zł

Supper set: cooked meats (50g), cheese (50g), tomato, cucumber, butter, bread 12 zł


Menu for kids

Breaded chickenbreast (80g) with chips and salad 16 zł

Pancake mit Obst 8 pln

Chips 6 zł


Coffee 5zl / Cappuccino coffee 7zl / Late coffee 9zl
Dilmah black tea 4zl
Zauberer red orange tea 4zl
Green tea with Lehmann lemon 4zl
Zauberer apple tea 4zl]
Tymbark juice ( orange, apple, blackcurrant) (200ml) 4zl
“Kropla Beskidu” mineral water (still and sparkling) (200ml) 3zl
Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite (200ml) 4zl
Green UP 6zl